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We believe in the power of insights to create growth through meaningful change. 

Breakthrough Business Intelligence was founded in Colombo in 2009. Since then, we have grown to support our clients as they seek to take advantage of new growth opportunities across the South Asia with operations in Bangladesh and Maldives.

We have regional reach, yet we have never lost the agility and personalized service of a small boutique agency. With close knit working relationship across the offices we bring rich research expertise and rich cultural knowledge needed to set up your projects for success.


To know the hearts and minds of Sri Lankan decision makers


Co creating value through local insights

our goal

Our goal is to help businesses stay ahead of competition by providing customized solutions to fit their needs whilst bringing new services, methodologies and innovation to meet our clients evolving needs.

Our services

We bring businesses closer to their customers and help them navigate the Sri Lankan market, so that they can future proof their strategy

  • Brand Equity Studies
  • Concept Evaluation
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Idea Generation
  • Usage and Attitudes Studies
  • Concept/Product Tests
  • Pricing Research
  • Marcomms Effectiveness
  • Brand Equity Measurement
  • Consumer Segmentation Studies
  • Brand Identity Development and Testing
  • Brand Health Tracking
  • Brand Architecture
  • Social Listening
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Path to Purchase
  • Win Loss Research
  • Touch Point Satisfaction
  • Customer Experience
  • Digital Experience
  • Generate new concepts
  • Go to market planning
  • Market Sizing
  • Product and Sales Optimization
  • Competitive Intelligence

Brand Equity Studies

Many companies fall into the trap of building an ineffective brand strategy particularly due to inadequate prior research. It is essential for a business to understand the commercial value, or equity that is derived from consumer perspective.

Concept Evaluation

Concept evaluation is the process of critically evaluating a product or a concept. We do extensive research and perform a number of tests before making a judgement about the effectiveness of the concept/product.

Mystery Shopping

Conventional mystery shopping is a technique used to generate a detailed competitor analysis, but constructive and effectual research can help derive the quality of customer experience.

Idea Generation

With time, businesses may face a number of challenges but the steps they take to overcome troublesome situations will define their place in the Industry. We rely extensively on creativity when generating an idea and as a result we succeed in identifying solutions that last longer.

Usage and Attitudes Studies

A usage and attitudes study is a valuable tool particularly to understand consumer behavior, preferences and unmet requirements. In addition to accumulating useful knowledge about the market, our research in this matter also helps discover growth opportunities.

Concept/Product Tests

Generally 8 out of 10 products tend to fail at inception when introduced to the market, often due to a letdown in the initial concept. Our concept tests are based on thorough investigation and are structured to ensure a successful product launch.

Pricing Research

Pricing research is one of the trickiest types of market research and it is something that no business can avoid. Our research team takes extra precaution by using the latest research techniques to assure profit and revenue increases.

Marcomms Effectiveness

Even if your marketing campaign is pre tested, you may still not know if your strategy is actually effective out in the global market. Therefore, we use marcomms effectiveness research to evaluate and reassure the potency of your campaigns.

Brand Equity Measurement

It takes thorough research to measure the equity of a brand. We use procedures both qualitative and quantitative, and in addition we use various techniques to track the performance of the brand to ensure continuous growth in brand equity.

Consumer Segmentation Studies

We use segmentation studies to identify different groups of consumers in the market so you can segment your products and cater to each group by taking their requirement into consideration. We base our segmentation studies on better understanding unmet customer needs, thereby help increase customer lifetime value.

Brand Identity Development and Testing

Developing a strong brand strategy requires an effective brand identity. Your brand identity is what makes you instantly recognizable to customers. We base our research on the positioning, core proposition and personality of your brand to ensure minimal risk at the time of a launch.

Brand Health Tracking

If you fail to keep track of the performance of your brand, you might not have an advantage over your competitors. Brand health tracking is crucial in helping you stay connected to customers. We focus on effective tracking to help you grow customer satisfaction and sales.

Brand Architecture

If you fail to pay close attention to your brand architecture, you may confuse your customers. We base our brand architecture research on ensuring a healthy, meaningful overall portfolio which as a result will help your brand grow.

Social Listening

Social listening is essential to track, analyze, and respond to conversations about your brand across online and social channels. We help you closely monitor and effectively react to social signals to ensure you maintain a healthy advantage over your competitors.

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping is a visual representation that can help you monitor the relationship between you and your customer and as a result help improve customer experience. We are here to help you optimize your customer journey map from initial contact to a long-term relationship.

Customer Loyalty

Businesses are largely benefited when they are aware of how satisfied and loyal their customers are. We base our customer loyalty study on customer satisfaction and ensure it helps reduce customer effort and improve retention.

Path to Purchase

Path to purchase research helps you determine the factors that influence your customer’s decision making ability. We prefer to base our research on the customer’s complete journey to have a better understanding and improve overall experience.

Win Loss Research

Win loss research is vital to understand the effectiveness of your sales strategy. With extensive research, our team can tell you what really works and improve your conversion rate and add value to every sale you make.

Touch Point Satisfaction

We believe touch points can have a positive or negative impact on customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is important to monitor how effective they are and to make improvements when a requirement arises.

Customer Experience

Research on customer experience can help companies understand how the customer really feels about their encounters. Moreover, it can also help you identify areas of improvement and as a result deliver a better experience in future.

Digital Experience

Digital experience is user experience in a digital platform and with late development in global technology, it is as significant as the overall user experience. We base our research on the performance of the platform and focus on identifying areas of improvement to enhance customer satisfaction.

Generate new concepts

We believe concept generation is a process where creatives collaborate with each other to come up with creative ideas. Therefore, we’ve structured our program in a way that allows you to systematically generate, explore and evaluate new ideas for successful innovation.

Go to market planning

When you take your product to the market, it’s important that you get it right, as to when and where it is launched for the first time. We base our planning on four important factors; product, price, place and promotion to ensure your innovation hits the ground.

Market Sizing

Before you make an investment decision, it’s vital that you explore the size and realistic sales opportunities of new and potential markets. We use techniques such as interviews, data mining and competitor analysis to do this.

Product and Sales Optimization

When you introduce a new product to the market, it’s important that you pay close attention to ensure it continues to perform up to expectation. We combine internal and market data to identify and work on constant improvements to ensure uninterrupted success.

Competitive Intelligence

We consider competitive intelligence research as one of the most effective market research strategies as it gives your brand a competitive edge in the global market. We base our research study primarily on insights and thorough analysis.