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New Normal - The disappearance of brand loyalty

While toilet paper hoarding got the limelight during the Covid lockdown, many other packaged goods and brands which customers were used to were not easily accessible due to customers hoarding or supply chain issues. This has forced even the most loyal suppliers to shift to new choices due to availability issues or the convenience of delivery. This has eroded the market share of some brands while others have gained. ....

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Riding the wave: Insights from Sri Lankan Business Leaders

The uncertainty of COVID-19 is perhaps the most challenging crisis decision-makers have had to find responses to, in the 21st century. From state-owned to multinational, from conglomerates to startups, decision-makers are faced with strategic ambiguity like never before.

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Transformational leadership for post pandemic growth

The Breakthrough Covid 19 CEOs Pulse Survey highlights, amidst uncertainty and volatility, over 50% of the companies responded have transformed to thrive in the post pandemic economy. Needless to say, that the weaknesses in business models were exposed, challenging the status quo questioning the tried and tested methods.

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